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The University of Toronto has built its worldwide reputation by upholding the highest standards of quality in teaching and globally relevant scholarship and research. As an integral part of the university, the School of Continuing Studies is sustained by U of T's tri-campus infrastructure, enriched by its depth of expertise and energized by its intellectual vitality. That's why countless alumni join us each year to carry on learning.
For all of our students, the School provides a portal to an institution that is dedicated to exploring the boundless possibilities of human knowledge, creativity and social change.

Rumeet (Toor) Billan, social entrepreneur, PhD candidate at OISE, founder of web-based Jobs in Education and one of Canada's Most Powerful Women for 2011, talks about education's power to transform lives.
Victor Hoffstein, physican, U of T Professor of Medicine, Arts & Science student
"In all the courses I've taken at the School of Continuing Studies, the instructors have impressed me with their knowledge, enthusiasm and great pedagogical skills," says Victor, a professor in the U of T Faculty of Medicine. Internationally renowned as the founder of the St. Michael's Hospital Sleep Laboratory, he is dedicated to exploring all areas of knowledge. "I wait impatiently for each new catalogue and look forward to deciding which courses I will take — and always feel sorry that I cannot take more."