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The résumés of the School's instructors are as diverse as the courses they teach. Varying widely in their professional backgrounds and classroom approaches, they have one key trait in common: a passion for sharing knowledge.
From financial analysts to social activists, from risk-taking novelists to experts in managing risk, all of our instructors combine a wealth of relevant experience with deep personal engagement in lifelong learning. They see U of T as a natural hub for people who, like them, are leaders in their fields and now want to help others realize their potential.

Michael Hlinka, MBA, media commentator and the driving force behind the School's Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) preparatory program, talks about the new model for integrating work and education.
Linda Stojcevski, risk management executive, Business & Professional Studies
"Continuing education is crucial in rapidly changing business environments," Linda says. Currently Director of Global Risk Management with Canadian auto parts giant Magna International, she sees firsthand the value of constantly enhancing skills and adding new capabilities. "it enables the organizations to remain competitive. And for individuals, it's an opportunity for enrichment and professional growth."